Recognizing the rapid changes in our time of the practice of research and writing of history, and facing the challenges that co-authoring poses for our area, where the tradition of individual authorship marks the history of historiography, Phoenix - Journal of History and Cultural Studies presents some criteria for the submission of articles in co-authorship. To this end, we consulted recommendations from publishers and institutions such as the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), the Council of Science Editors, the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), Elsevier, and others, who have been leading international journals of excellence.

Authorship is a great responsibility, and cannot be lightly attributed. Several areas define criteria, and history must seek principles, norms and practices according to their specificities.

Misappropriation of authorship is unethical, devalues ​​the contribution of the authors who actually worked on the article, harms young researchers, and reinforces stratified academic hierarchies.

Within the authorial tradition of the area, institutions such as ANPUH, CAPES History Committee and the Forum of Coordinators of Postgraduate Studies in History have rejected the inclusion of co-authoring by advisors in works resulting from their students' masters and doctoral research. Phoenix - Journal of History and Cultural Studies fully supports this criterion.

Co-authoring is legitimate when all the conditions below are met by all who sign the article:

1. Problem / argument conception, theoretical and methodological analysis.

2. Analysis of sources and their interpretation.

3. Participation in writing and proofreading.

4. Commitment to all practices involved in the production of the article (ethical issues, originality, absolute absence of plagiarism, due use of images and illustrations, etc.).

5. Review and approval of the final text to be published.

Employees who do not meet all of these requirements should be cited in the acknowledgments.

All authors must be clearly indicated at the time of submission. During the judging process, changes in co-authoring must be evaluated by our committee and the article may be rejected at any time.

The order of the names of authors will be decided by the proponents, without interference from the journal.

Phoenix - Journal of History and Cultural Studies reserves the right to submit a form to all authors requesting details of their participation in the work, immediately after submission.

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