It is with great pleasure that we release another issue of the Phoenix - Journal of History and Cultural Studies (Volume 16, Year XVI, Number 1 - January / July - 2019).

At this point, we must once again express our sincere thanks and gratitude to all who have been involved with detachment and courage in the effectiveness of this magazine. Much of what has been done since December 2004 to improve, expand and diversify this scientific journal is due to the involvement of the Executive Secretariat, the Editorial and Advisory Councils, as well as our Webmaster. Beside this, we should, with great joy, thank all those who submitted their articles, because, in doing so, they contributed to the Phoenix - Journal of History and Cultural Studies could be consolidated over the last fourteen (14) years. Finally, it is essential to register a special expression of thanks to the (to our readers: without them, none of this would have been possible. It was thanks to the interest and support them that this editorial project was welcomed as positive.

The site www.revistafenix.pro.br went live in December 2004 with the objective of bringing to the reading public a publication that was characterized by agility, universality and gratuity. This concern, however, did not end the expectations placed on its creation. On the contrary, the main purpose was to make accessible a publication capable of encouraging academic dialogue and the wide dissemination of thought-provoking and high-level research, seeking to translate the dynamics and diversity of the interdisciplinary dialogues of historical research and Cultural Studies.

The positive results of this project, also considering the current edition, are materialized in the publication of ONE HUNDRED AND SIX (106) REVIEWS and SIX HUNDRED AND TWENTY ONE (621) ITEMS, from different states: Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Pernambuco, Piaui, Paraiba, Rio de Janeiro, Espirito Santo, Minas Gerais, Sao Paulo, Goiás and the Federal District.

In addition , the Phoenix - Magazine of History and Cultural Studies hosted TWENTY-THREE (23) DOSSIERS , namely: Chico Buarque & Vianinha: Art and Politics in Contemporary Brazil (organized by the editors), Oral History (organization of Paulo Roberto de Almeida) , Tribute to Jorge Andrade - 50 years of The Moratorium: Crossroads of Literature and History (organization of Diogenes Maciel), Cinema-History (organization of Sheila Schvarzman ), Theory of History (organization of Pedro Spinola Pereira Caldas), History and Visualities (organized by Alcides Freire Ramos), Show and Reception Theories (organized by Robson Camargo), Roman World (organized by Ana Teresa Marques Gonçalves), Literary Studies (organized by Editoria), History of Science (organized by Antonio Augusto Passos Vine), Cultural History & Multidisciplinarity (organized by Sandra Pesavento, Mônica Pimenta Velloso and Antonio Herculano) Sandra Jatahy Pesavento: the Historian and her Interlocutions (organized by Nádia Maria Weber Santos, Maria Luiza Martini and Miriam de Souza Rossini), Theatrical Games in Brazil: 30 Years (organized by Ingrid Dormien Koudela and Robson Corrêa de Camargo), The Flying Carpet - Show Theories and Reception (organized by Marcus Mota and Robson Corrêa de Camargo), Time and History (organized by André Fabiano Voigt ), Visual Stories: Research Experiences between History and Art (organized by Maria Elizia Borges and Heloisa Selma Fernandes Capel), History and Health (organized by Iranilson Buriti de Oliveira), Meetings between Brazil and Italy: Academic Exchanges [organized by Rodrigo de Freitas Costa and Fulvia Zega (Università degli Studi di Genova)], History and Literature Approaches and Dialogues (organized by Euclides Antunes de Medeiros and Olivia Macedo Miranda Cormineiro ), Dossier Letters (Organized by Francisco Alcides do Nascimento and Frederico Osanam Amorim Lima), School without Party and human formation (organized by Nivaldo Alexandre de Freitas and Merilin Baldan ), History and Humor (organized by João Pedro Rosa Ferreira, Leandro Antônio de Almeida and Thais Leão Vieira) and, in this issue, History, Literature and Religion (organized by Arthur Cesar Isaia).

It is noteworthy that, during this period, Phoenix - Journal of History and Cultural Studies took decisive steps for its maturation and acceptance in the academic environment. As evidence of this, it is worth mentioning: the considerable increase in the delivery of articles, the predominance of the collaboration of doctors and the receipt of international articles. Add as an important indicator for the evaluation of the activities developed in recent years, the number of visits to the site www.revistafenix.pro.br and Downloads of files. In other words: to date, Phoenix - Journal of History and Cultural Studies has received the prestigious attention of MORE THAN FOUR MILLION AND THOUSAND MIL (4,500,000) READERS , distributed as follows: 70% of accesses originate from Brazil, and the The remaining 30% are international (Portugal, USA, Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, England, among others). To further improve the Phoenix - Journal of History and Cultural Studies , since the beginning of 2013, by decision of its editors, began to release their numbers every six months. This change, far from pointing to a narrowing of the space used for the dissemination of articles and reshas , has allowed the optimization of the human and material resources available for the fulfillment of all the work steps involved in publishing a scientific journal.

Given this, it is a great joy to be able to publish in this issue SIX (06) excellent articles in the FREE SECTION, whose authors are: Nelson Tomelin Jr. and Maria do Rosario da Cunha Peixoto, Felipe;Araujo; Xavier, Edésio de Lara Melo, Juracy Assmann Saraiva and Cátia Silene Kupssinskü, Rodrigo Freitas Costa and Gustavo Lopes de Souza.

In this issue, with great enthusiasm, we publish the HISTORY, LITERATURE AND RELIGION DOSSIER, organized by Professor Artur Cesar Isaia . Those interested in this subject can check out the reflections of Ronaldo Vainfas and Mario Branco, Jose Eduardo Franco and Vanda Figueiredo, Lígia Bellini, MariaBernardete Ramos Flores, Artur Cesar Isaia , Edgard Leite Ferreira Neto, Edilece Souza Couto, Rosangela Wosiack Zulian, Renata Siuda Ambroziak, Solange Ramos de Andrade and Rafaela Arienti Barbieri and Cleusa Maria Gomes Graebin.

As if that were not enough, the section reserved for REVIEWS presents the reader with TWO (02) thought-provoking texts. In fact, it deserves a closer look at the critical evaluations of Rodrigo Francisco Dias and Samuel Nogueira Mazza.

Once again, we thank you for the reviews and articles submitted and, in advance, for your support in spreading this journal.

Good reading everyone!

Alcides Freire Ramos, Rosangela Patriota e Rodrigo de Freitas Costa
Editors of the Phoenix - Journal of History and Cultural Studies

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