The Phoenix – Journal of History and Cultural Studies publishes:

  1. streaming articles;
  2. special dossier articles;
  3. reviews.

Authors and reviewers should consult our Code of ethics.

The journal is primarily assigned to OPEN ACCESSAuthors do not pay any fee for article submission or evaluation.

The Dossiers are organized by the Editorial Board, and their leaders invite recognized experts on the proposed theme.

Separate articles can address various themes, always respecting the objective of our Journal.

Reviews should privilege books published at most for the last 03 years.

All articles – both dossier and streaming – go through the same editorial process. Once submitted they are initially evaluated by the Editors. They are judged on compliance with the purpose of our Journal, compliance with our editorial standards, unpublishedness and overall quality. Articles may be rejected at this first stage of the editorial process.

If they meet the above requirements, the articles will proceed to the second phase of the editorial process and will be sent anonymously to two or more referees. These may suggest that the article be accepted or rejected.

Reviews must also be submitted and will be reviewed by the editors and will be approved or rejected in the first instance.

Submission Guidelines